Best Trails

Built, Maintained, and used only by Adventure Tours. This gives you maximum saftey and enjoyment while on the trials.

Best Equpiment

Let are large fleet of Arctic Cat ATV's get you where you need to be.

Best Location

At the top of the mountain only 12 - 15 minutes away from Blue Mountain Ski Resort or 5 minutes away from Scenic Caves, which is pretty much right in our back yard.

Adventure Tours is the only ATV touring company that operates year round. Because we own are own property and our extensive trail network, we can provide you with the most amazing ATV trails you will find anywhere. All of our competition run around on county forest or crown land as their trail network. Their trails close in the winter as they become snow mobile trails. We grome our trails like snow mobile trails in the winter months to give you an experince that is unique and unavaiable anywhere else. Either in the spring, summer, fall or winter gromed trails provide you with a more enjoyable and safer ride for you and your family. Come experince the best adventure and at the best price.

Come with us to experience and explore the beauty and thrills of ATVing through the rugged terrain of Central Ontario. Access hundreds of acres of trails built, maintained, and used only by Adventure Tours. This provides you a safe and enjoyable experience while navigating through your adventure.

We feature Arctic Cat ATV’s with industry leading ground clearance and suspension travel to get you over the rough stuff with ease and comfort. All of our ATV’s have automatic transmissions with selectable 2 wheel drive or 4 wheel drive at a push of a button. There’s even a differential lock for those moments when getting stuck in the mud is just not an option. With 500cc engines to get you going, with this much fun you won’t what to stop.

For those of you who prefer to ride as a passenger we also have you covered. With our Arctic Cat Prowler you can ride side by side. Just sit back and relax in style and leave the driving to us. This ride is perfect for families with younger children. Seated in the rear bucket seats, safely strapped in place with a roll cage overhead they can be part of the adventure as well.

With the Prowlers built in king-sized ice chest there is no need to go hungry or thirsty on our trails. Spend 2 hrs or more with us, we can pull over, have a snack and enjoy the scenery during our extended tour.

If you crave excitement, enjoy the outdoors, and love to explore, we have the experience for you to discover.

ATV Satisfaction Guaranteed

Presidential Package

Experience top of the line fun. A private tour for your friends and/or family. Drive at a pace that is comfortable for you or your kids. This is great for first time drivers who may want to take it slower. Your personal trainers (guides) will be there to assist you and teach you the proper technique in driving an ATV or Dune Buggy. Learn to drive with professional trainers in a safe and private environment at your pace.


We require a major credit card (Visa or Master Card) for a security deposit. All drivers and passengers over 18 are required to sign a waiver. Although we have no minimum age, all drivers must have the ability and strength to operate the ATV and have parental / guardian consent.

Whether you choose to drive, or be a passenger, your adventure awaits.