I’ve never driven an ATV before; will I be safe on the trails?

Your safety is paramount to us, you will be given instruction and the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the vehicle before heading out. We strongly recommend driving within your limits, if you feel uncomfortable at any time we will be more then happy to assist you.

How long is the average ATV ride?

Our tours are usually 1-2 hours but longer if requested. We find that within 10-15 minutes people become relaxed on the machine and really start having fun.

How many trails do you have?

We have an extensive trail network on private land. For your safety and enjoyment our trails are built, used and carefully maintained by ATV Adventure Tours.

ATV row
ATV row

How many people can I take on tour?

We can accommodate up to 24 people on a tour.

How old does my child have to be to drive?

After they’ve shown the parent and us that they are capable, we’ve allowed children as young as 10 to drive.

What about Grandma’s and Grandpa’s?

We’ve had many people in their mid to late 80’s come tour with us, the soft suspension is the same as a car plus they’re very easy to drive.

Can I take pictures during my tour?

Yes you can, or we would be more than happy to take them for you using either your camera or ours.

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