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Come with us to experience and explore the beauty and thrills of ATVing in a guided tour environment. We will provides you a safe and enjoyable experience while navigating through your adventure with us. We feature Arctic Cat ATV’s, Polaris Dune Buggies, and Segway Side By Sides with industry leading ground clearance and suspension travel to get you over the rough stuff with ease and comfort. All of our machines have automatic transmissions with selectable 2 wheel drive or 4 wheel drive at a push of a button. There’s even a differential lock for those moments when getting stuck in the mud is just not an option. Our exciting machines will get you going, but with this much fun you won’t what to stop.
ATV row
ATV row
For those of you who prefer to ride as a passenger we also have you covered. With our Argo you can ride side by side. Just sit back and relax in style and leave the driving to us. This ride is perfect for families with younger children. Seated in the rear bucket seats, safely strapped in place with a roll cage overhead they can be part of the adventure as well. With the Prowlers built in king-sized ice chest there is no need to go hungry or thirsty on our trails. Spend 2 hrs or more with us, we can pull over, have a snack and enjoy the scenery during our extended tour. If you crave excitement, enjoy the outdoors, and love to explore, we have the experience for you to discover.

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